Service Eligibility

Who is eligible for an account on the UW-Madison instance of LabArchives?

The University has purchased a site license for use by all faculty/Principal Investigators and the staff, trainees, and graduate/undergraduate students under their supervision. The service can also be used by units at the UW-Madison that provide support and/or services to UW-Madison researchers. The LabArchives service can be used to store data, observations, notes, and other digital materials generated during the research process. The service is for research only and not for personal use.

Are courses eligible to use the service?

At this time, the University is gathering information about interest in a site license for the Classroom Edition of LabArchives. Currently, LabArchives is being used in several undergraduate courses on campus using a student pay model. For more information about how to use LabArchives in your course, contact DoIT Academic Technology (608-262-5667, 8:30am-5:30pm and

Can anyone doing research sign up for a UW-Madison LabArchives account?

In order to comply with UW-Madison’s Data Stewardship policy, notebook accounts are provisioned so that individuals with Principal Investigator status are the account owners and stewards of the notebooks in the account. To register for an account, Principal Investigators sign up using the service registration form.

If needed, the Principal Investigator can assign a designee (such as a lab manager) to an Admin role in LabArchives. The designee can then carry out user management, permissions, and notebook creation and stewardship. Staff, trainees, and students (graduate and undergraduate) are added to the notebooks in the account by the Principal Investigator or Admin.