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                        Welcome to the UW-Madison supported ELN – LabArchives!

What is an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)?

An ELN (electronic lab notebook) is a software tool that in its most basic form replicates an interface much like pages in a paper lab notebook. They are  a secure, web-based platform to record and manage your data in one place. Scientists can design experiments and workflows with the ELN, capture structured and unstructured data, manage projects, and share their work from one intuitive user interface. Customizable experiment templates, integration of protocols, SOPs, and many cutting-edge features let you increase data quality, lower your time needs and reduce costs.

What are the benefits of LabArchives?

  • Easy to Use
  • Better availability
  • Searchability
  • Better compliance with records keeping
  • Easier to share with collaborators and PIs
  • Portability
  • Better data management
  • Versioning
  • Security
  • Stores various data types

Intro Video to Using LabArchives